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Were you injured at work?

If you were hurt on the job, John Lingo will obtain all the benefits that you are entitled to. With 26 years of experience in Nebraska workers' compensation law, John knows the twists and turns , cares about his clients and their return to health and work.


John has handled all kinds of work injuries including neck, back, spine, arms/shoulders, legs & feet -- even eyes, ears, mental symptoms, skin disorders and burns/disfigurement. John's help covers everything form the day you are injured to the day you die (for future medical services).

Get complete and accurate information

Don’t just listen to information you receive from your employer or insurance company. Make sure you get all the facts straight by consulting a professional workers' compensation expert. Call 402-384-9400 for your FREE initial consultation with John Lingo. He will provide the accurate legal advice that you need.

John Lingo  can help you receive:


Weekly benefit checks


Vocational rehab


Job training or retraining


Future medical coverage

John offers legal representation for more than just workers’ compensation. He  also provide legal services for social security disability and accident and personal injury. See what previous clients  have to say about John and learn more about Attorney John Lingo.

"John’s communication always put my mind at ease. I don’t know what I would have done without John’s help."

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-Mary M., Omaha, Nebraska

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